Catherine Muir is a dedicated Mum of two who has worked in film, television and childrensí television for many years.

As every Mum has, over the years Catherine has found some interesting ways to entertain and educate her children.

The 'Scarlet Underpants' book series is based on a character that developed over the years of nursing illnesses, dealing with the everyday problems of growing up and telling stories when kids sometimes need a little subtle guidance.

Before becoming a Mum, Catherine Muir, or Cat as she is known as,  worked assisting and designing make ups and sometimes special effects. This gave her the chance to work with some wonderful and interesting people.


Prior to that she established and managed a successful health, beauty & fitness premises in Central Scotland which allowed her to travel as necessary to keep abreast of developments within the film, health, fitness and beauty industries.
She has qualifications ranging through beauty, hairdressing, health & fitness to personal training, hypnotherapy and life coaching. Aside from her family, her work is her passion. She feels blessed that her work allows her to pursue her hobbies and that she is lucky enough to feel genuinely enthusiastic every day that she goes to work.

She still works in film and television, writes for  local publications, coaches and helps people in the film an television industry. Catherine is currently spending time building the Scarlet Underpants Brand through book readings, school visits and personal appearances.