I lost my old diary at the weekend. Mummy got me this new one. Hurray !! So, I have decided to write stuff in it every time something interesting happens.










Dad said that he thinks he knows where the old diary is.






  It rained all day so we stayed in the house and played games. Mummy told me how to play some new games with just some paper and pencils. I will write down how to play them sometime because they are great fun.  
   I am going back to school soon after my holidays. I needed some new stuff so we went to the shops and got some of it. Mummy's friend gave us some other stuff so now we have everything. Mummy's friend gave me a schoolbag that her daughter used when she was at school. I really like it.  
  Dad said that he found my old dairy. It turned out to be a Sunday Supplement. I don't know what that is. Dad said it would be less entertaining than my old diary so he recycled it and he said that he would keep looking for my old diary.  
  We went to the park today and ran about like mad. we were all exhausted afterwards. I met some new friends there and we played running games. Maisie Daisie was fastest as usual and J.J walked about pretending to be a robot. It was really funny. Ha ha ha ! Dad walked on his hands and fell into a puddle. Dad laughed too.  
  Back to school tomorrow. I like maths and art best.